Durham Area Model Train Runners Consortium

Durham Bull

Durham Bull

Our Display at NRV Train Show



We are a Durham, Eno River Basin North Carolina 

T-TRAK Style Modular N & HO Scale Model Railroad Cebal.

We are Veterans and encourage other Veterans to join us in enjoying & promoting modular model railroading as a community service and as an aid for PTSD.

We don't collect members like friends on Facebook,

like the other clubs in the area do.

They act like its a badge of honor to have lots pf members. 


Less People = More time on the tracks!


Instead we prefer to be a small close-knit group of friends that

just like "Having Fun Running Trains"... 



You might receive an invite to join us from a member or request one by asking below.

Both cases are temporary memberships to see if you are a good fit.

If you are a good fit you will be asked to join us officially if not you will still be a valued friend.


Our Core ...We Are Not a Club.

There are No Meetings, No By-laws. No agendias, No dues, No bank accounts,

No Officer's, No elections, No clicks, No show guidelines, No checklists,

No rule committees, No standards committees, No by-law's committees. 

and Man-made Global Warming isn't Real.


The Only rule of conduct is the Golden Rule.


In fact we are immune from the dreaded

"Canadian Pinky-Ring Bureaucratic Syndrome"

or the "CPRBS"

that has infected three other local clubs in the area...

This Insidious Disease Blocks having FUN! with

layers and layers of Bureaucratic BS.

And in the early 1900's it was known as "Philip Dru Disorder".


It is currently working on infecting an East Coast Partnership and

a National Organization.


 DAMTRC's Public Displays

are designed for

Longer Trains


less damage

from little fingers...

We call it FJW


1) By using a Single row of 

T-TRAK Style Modules

in the middle of 

30 inch wide folding tables.


2) The Club Layout terminates into two Custom Lollipop Modules Designed by

"T-TRAC by Denniston"

Thet connect Red to Yellow and

Yellow to Red lines respectively at each end.

Making the entire layout a continuous loop.


3) We use larger 16 inch Corners

Designed by

"T-TRAK by Denniston"
with the New KATO Double

Superelevated Unitrack.


4) We are a 100% DCC Only Powered Club.

Using Digitrax Systems

DCS240+ Advanced Command Station


LNWI Wireless Interfaces.


5) Typical Layout Configurations of Straight, L and U shapes are

possible in lengths that can be as small as 10' or as long as 65'.

We can even set-up our layout agonist a wall!

Lets see other club layouts do that...


6) Our Custom Yard is 18' long with only two staging spurs that are

over 2" track separation for easy setup without toppling

over yours or someone else's train.




DAMTRC Membership


You must be 21 years old to be

granted full membership.

Under 21 you will need a member sponsor.

A 12 month (Get to Know us)

Guest Memberships are granted on request.

To request a Guest Membership send an email to




Please include a note on why you want to

Join Us.


So Let's Have FUN

Running Trains....



"OH Shit!"
Aerial view Starrucca Viaduct
T-TRAK Starrucca Viaduct
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